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What is LTE Technology?

LTE stand for Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a new high-speed wireless data standard with higher capacity. That means enhanced gaming, video and music streaming and app downloads. LTE is the latest generation of mobile network and is a step up from 3G.

What is the LTE Data Plan Post-paid offer?

The LTE Data Plan post-paid offer is a Post-Paid LTE data plan that can be subscribed to on a 24-month contract with a device or on a month-to-month SIM only contract. LTE Data Plan post-paid plans will provide subscribers with Telkom LTE/LTE-A 1800MHz and 2300MHz coverage and subscribers will have access to only Telkom network and No roaming on partner (Vodacom/MTN) network

What does the LTE Data Plan Post-paid offer include?

The LTE Data Plan Post-paid includes anytime and night surfer data.