Smart devices
Smart devices

Cover your fixed devices with Telkom Device insurance

Insure your fixed device up to 7 days after purchase or outside of the device’s one year warranty.

What is Telkom Device Insurance?
Telkom Device Insurance is an optional Value Added Service offered to all Telkom customers with devices purchased directly from Telkom.
Telkom Device Insurance is excluded from any credit vetting checks or calculations.
    Smart devices

    How do I get cover for my device?

    Complete an in-store application form

    Mobile devices


    Insure within seven days

    Mobile devices must be insured within seven days after purchase.

    Fixed devices


    Insure within a year

    Fixed devices can still be insured a year after purchase.
    What kind of devices can I insure?







    MiFi routers


    WiFi routers

    How do I pay?
    Your insurance calculation is based on the retail value of the device. Once you've selected a premium that matches your device, you'll be billed monthly. You'll be billed in advance and proration will be charged where applicable.
      Smart devices
      What happens when I claim?
      Your claims will be finalised within 7 days. Our claims process enables you to continue enjoying your Telkom services

      Call 0800 033 444 for any queries or

      Please note: All accessories like Bluetooth portable hands-free, Bluetooth fixed in-vehicle, fixed installed hands-free devices, pouches, chargers and fashion accessories are unfortunately not covered. It is also not applicable to base offers and SIM-only deals.
        Smart devices