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Usage tips
What is On-net vs Off-network usage? Where and when can I use Telkom only data? How do I transfer data? And more.


On-net vs off-network

On-net means you’re on Telkom’s network. Off-net means you’re roaming on our partner network, but you can still stay connected by buying one of our all-network bundles.



Telkom vs roaming data

All-network data can be used on both the Telkom network and on roaming networks, while Telkom data can only be used in areas with Telkom coverage. Remember to choose the correct bundle before purchasing.



Coverage and LTE bundles

When your phone shows Telkom -R at the top of the screen, your LTE bundle will not work as you are roaming with our partner. Simply buy any all-network bundle on *180# to stay connected.

To ensure you can best use your LTE data bundles, you can prevent your SIM from roaming on our partner network. Dial *180# , select “Manage Telkom SA-R and select “Block Telkom SA – R”. If you need to roam, follow the same steps and enable Telkom SA-R. Please note that you need all-network bundles to roam.



Data transfer

Data bundle transfer allows Telkom subscribers to share data amongst each other. Dial *180# from the phone sending the data and follow the steps in the menu. You can choose to transfer 250MB, 500MB or 1GB with a monthly transfer limit of 5GB. Once you’ve completed the process, the data will be transferred faster than you can say megabyte.



Telkom Direct Carrier Billing

Direct carrier billing (DCB) is an online mobile payment method which allows you to make purchases by charging payments to your mobile bill. Our partners include Apple, ShowMax, Google Play, Galaxy Store and Spotify.



Spend limit

A spend limit is defined as the maximum amount that a subscriber wishes to spend per month. This amount is set by you or Telkom. How does a spend limit work? You can select a spend limit up to which you may want to spend, but not exceed. Once you have reached the set spend limit, your account will be soft-suspended, and you will only be able to receive calls. The suspension can be lifted and a temporary increase in spend limit set by dialling the Call Centre on 081 180. You can also request a permanent spend.