Usage tips
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Usage tips
What is On-net vs Off-network usage? Where and when can I use Telkom only data? How do I transfer data? And more.


On-net vs off-network

On-net means you’re on Telkom’s network. Off-net means you’re roaming on our partner network, but you can still stay connected by buying one of our all-network bundles.



Telkom vs roaming data

All-network data can be used on both the Telkom network and on roaming networks, while Telkom data can only be used in areas with Telkom coverage. Remember to choose the correct bundle before purchasing.



Telkom only data

If you purchase a bundle that only includes Telkom Data: Note that the data is only available on the Telkom Mobile network. It is not for use on and does not roam on our roaming partners’ network. You can purchase all-network bundles to roam.



Data transfer

Data bundle transfer allows Telkom subscribers to share data amongst each other. Dial *180# from the phone sending the data and follow the steps in the menu. You can choose to transfer 250MB, 500MB or 1GB with a monthly transfer limit of 5GB. Once you’ve completed the process, the data will be transferred faster than you can say megabyte.



Please Call Me

If you are out of airtime you can dial *140*receivers number# (without any spaces) to request a ‘please call me’.