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Jet setters stay connected everywhere they go

Telkom international roaming lets you stay connected when you travel abroad.

Roaming options


Full international roaming

The subscriber is allowed to utilise all services (Voice, Data & SMS Roaming) while abroad, as permitted on the host network.

International Roaming
Telkom has partnered with over 300 operators in 135 countries through direct Bilateral Roaming agreements and our footprint is extended with destinations offered via Roaming HUB providers.

Telkom offers international roaming services for both Postpaid and Prepaid customers to make and receive voice calls, send and receive short messaging service (SMS) and use data services when travelling abroad. You do not need to manually select the operator in the roaming destination country.

Prepaid International Roaming is available in selected destinations. Refer to the Roaming Rates below, for list of roaming destinations and available services.

    Smart devices
    International calling
    Call friends and family abroad at low rates, directly from your Telkom Mobile Cellphone in South Africa, using standard International Calling.
      Smart devices

      How can you access your full Telkom Mobile service automatically when you travel abroad?

      Visit any Telkom Store

      Download, fill in and

      call email our International Roaming and International Calling Application form

      Prerequisites for Prepaid International Roaming activations

      1. International roaming cannot be activated via self-service channels, USSD, e-Portal and Telkom App
      2. The number must be active for atleast 60 days on the Telkom network.
      3. The Sim card must be RICA compliant and the customer requesting International Roaming service must produce valid Identity Document/Passport.
      4. Roaming service activation will be limited to two sim cards per ID/Passport.
      Here are some of the ways you can view your roaming status and rates
      1. Self-service portal.
      2. MyTelkom app.
      3. Dial *180*13# and follow the prompts


      International roaming rates

      Download Rates
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      International calling application form

      Download form
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      International calling rates

      Download Rates
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      Want to know a little more?

      How do I activate international roaming?

      For both Contract and Prepaid customers NB – you must do this at least 7 days before travelling! Before travelling:- Fill in the form found on this url and email it to -You should get confirmation from Telkom either via SMS or Visit your nearest Telkom Mobile store.

      What do I do if I cannot connect automatically whilst abroad?

      In the new country: ▪ Select setting ▪ Network settings / Mobile Data on (Apple device) ▪ Network selection ▪ Select preferred network ▪ Restart the phone ▪ Phone will connect to one of the country's networks

      How much does International Roaming cost?

      View international roaming rates found on this url or Log In in to your My Telkom account to see our global roaming rates".

      How do I as a Telkom Mobile customer avoid high charges when roaming internationally?

      Telkom Mobile customers can turn off data roaming on their devices and use local Wi-Fi hotspots in the countries where they are roaming. Customers should also familiarize themselves with the relevant international roaming charges before activating the service. • Change Voicemail setting if you do not really need messages. Receiving messages costs. What to do? o Forward all your voice messages “unconditionally” by dialling **21*081141#ok o To cancel diverts, please dial: To deactivate all diverts ##002#ok