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Power supply
Power supply
190V – 240V 50Hz AC
Max power
Max power
16A 3,360W
Power Monitoring
Power Monitoring
Hr, Week, Day, Month


Smart WIFI Plug Twin Pack

1Contract duration

Contract duration

Want to know a little more?

How will I monitor and control my Telkom Smart living devices?

The Telkom customer needs to download the TelkomSmart app from the Play store for Android users or the App store for IOS users. The TelkomSmart app will enable the Telkom customer to monitor and control all the devices included in their Telkom Smart Package

Will I Require an Electrician to install my Telkom Smart Package devices?

No, all devices included in the Telkom Smart Package are plug and play and will not require and professional set up or installation

Where can I find more information on Telkom Smart Living Products?

There is a dedicated Smart Living Webpage on the Telkom Website via https://www.telkom.co.za/campaign/telkomsmart. Webpage will include product info and FAQ’s

Can Telkom Smart Packages be purchased from a Telkom Store?

No, at the moment Smart Bundles are exclusively available for Home Delivery through our online channel via the Telkom Website https://www.telkom.co.za/campaign/telkomsmart.