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Infinite TopUp - Infinite Max TopUp

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Get Prime Video Mobile Edition with Infinite
Buy one of these Infinite plans and get up to 12 months of Prime Video Mobile Edition, on us. On a 24-month contract.
T’s and C’s apply

Want to know a little more?

What is Infinite?

It is a new range of Mobile Postpaid and TopUp plans that are available on a mobile contract either bundled with a device or on a SIM-only plan (no device included) on a month-to-month plan.

Can I use Infinite plans in a data device like a router?

No, Infinite plans have been designed exclusively for individual or personal use in a Smartphone (mobile phone). Any other use in a data device or data hotspot device (including but not limited to usage in MiFi’s, routers, modems, dongles, LAN connected routers to PC’s, tablets, PBX connections or machine-to-machine applications are prohibited, and unlimited data access will be restricted when being used in any of these devices and NOT in a Smartphone.

Can I link a MultiSIM or a Data MultiSIM to the Infinite plans?

No, MultiSIM and Data MultiSIM will not be allowed on these plans.