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What is Prepaid Fibre

Fibre that has flexible options based on your needs. You can apply for a Fibre starter pack and follow easy and simple steps to activate your Prepaid Fibre, buy a voucher and Top-up whenever needed.

Prepaid fibre is ideal for customers seeking the following value:

  • No fixed terms contract
  • Easy top-up options
  • Full control of spend
  • No credit checks
  • No penalties or late fees, and no bill shock
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Available Express Fibre Uncapped internet vouchers

Prepaid Fibre Vouchers

You are required to purchase Prepaid Fibre Vouchers before you can use Prepaid Fibre. Log in to MyTelkom Self-service Portal to buy the Top-up Vouchers once your Prepaid Fibre service is active. No FUP (fair usage policy) threshold applies.

prepaid voucher
Prepaid Express Fibre Voucher

3 days


prepaid voucher
Prepaid Express Fibre Voucher

7 days


prepaid voucher
Prepaid Express Fibre Voucher

30 days



Want to know a little more?

What is Telkom Prepaid Fibre?

Telkom Prepaid Express-Fibre is a service that runs over Openserve fibre network, with uncapped internet data that is sold on a duration basis.

Who qualifies for the Telkom Prepaid Fibre over Openserve network?

All customers who are in the Openserve Fibre network coverage qualify, including customers whom in the past did not qualify for Post-paid FTTH bundles.

How is Telkom Prepaid Fibre different from Post-paid Fibre?

Telkom Prepaid Express-Fibre product is only available on 50/25Mbps speed and can only be used with uncapped internet vouchers that are sold on a duration basis.