Telkom Prepaid Compact Fibre



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What is Prepaid Fibre

Fibre that has flexible options based on your needs. You can apply for a Fibre starter pack and follow easy and simple steps to activate your Prepaid Fibre, buy a voucher and Top-up whenever needed.

Prepaid fibre is ideal for customers seeking the following value:

  • No fixed terms contract
  • Easy top-up options
  • Full control of spend
  • No credit checks
  • No penalties or late fees, and no bill shock
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Available Compact Fibre Uncapped internet vouchers

Prepaid Fibre Vouchers

Log in to Openserve Self-service Portal to buy the Top-up Vouchers once your Prepaid Fibre data has run out. 200GB FUP - (fair usage policy applies). Your speed will be throttled to 20%.

prepaid voucher
Prepaid Compact Fibre Voucher

7 days top-up

You can recharge your Prepaid fibre whenever it is needed.


prepaid voucher
Prepaid Compact Fibre Voucher

7 days reactivation

After 90 days of not recharging, you will be required to buy 7-days reactivation voucher.



Want to know a little more?

What is Telkom Prepaid Compact-Fibre?

Telkom Prepaid Compact-Fibre is a low-cost fibre product that runs over Openserve fibre network. The installation stater pack includes a WiFi enabled ONT device and an Uncapped Internet data that works on a duration basis.

Who qualifies for the Telkom Prepaid Compact-Fibre over Openserve network?

All Consumer customers who are within the Openserve Prepaid Compact-Fibre network coverage qualify. No credit vetting required.

How do I know if my area has Telkom Prepaid Compact-Fibre coverage?

Network coverage can be confirmed on Telkom’s website at the following URL