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Frequently Asked Questions

Shares and Shareholding

What is a share?

A share represents part ownership or a unit of ownership in a company, corporation, mutual fund or partnership. A person who has shares in a company is a shareholder.

What is the share price at the moment?

It should be noted that the share price fluctuates on a daily basis. To see the current share price, click here.

Where can I obtain information on the share price?

How much are my shares worth now?

You will need to multiply the number of shares you own by the prevailing share price.

I bought Telkom shares during the IPO but I still have not received any communication from Computershare. Who do I contact in this regard?

Please contact Computershare or write to them with proof of payment: 0861 100 949 /

What is the procedure for updating my changed address and bank details?

You will need to contact Computershare to update your address and bank details. Computershare will require the following documents in order to update your address:
  • Certified copy of your SA ID document;
  • Proof of your residential address, which can be a certified copy of your service bill (e.g. water & lights, electricity etc.);
  • Original certified copy of your bank statement;
  • Original certified copy of a document issued by SARS to verify your tax number.
NB. If you do not have a bank account, proof of residence, IRP5 or SARS document, you can submit any of the following two documents to Computershare:
  • A national, provincial or local government document; and/or
  • Any court order; and/or
  • Retail credit accounts (e.g. Edgars, Woolworths, Jet, etc.); and/or
  • UIF or pension payments; and/or
  • Any other official third party document from a credible source e.g. doctor's accounts, medical aid statements, university documentation.

Dividends/Bonus Shares

What are dividends?

Dividends are that part of a company's profits that it decides to pay to its shareholders.

How are dividends allocated to shareholders?

The profits to be given as dividends are usually divided among the shareholders according to the number of shares they own in the company.

I have not yet received any dividends from Telkom.

If you hold Telkom shares, your dividend would have been paid directly into your bank account or a dividend cheque posted to you, depending on whether the Company's transfer secretaries, Computershare, have your banking details.

As a Khulisa shareholder, will I receive anymore bonus shares in future?

There are no more Khulisa shareholders. After the second anniversary of the Telkom listing (March 3, 2005) all shareholders are considered to be "General shareholders". There are still Khulisa shareholders who did not claim their bonus shares and dividends.

I have received payment in respect of dividends number 8, 9 and 10, etc. Does it now mean I have missed the previous 7 dividends?

No. You have not missed any dividend payments. Telkom paid dividends to its shareholders for the first time since its shares were listed on 4 March 2003.

How are dividends paid to shareholders?

Dividends may be paid to shareholders in any of the following forms: cheque, direct deposit or by Electronic Funds Transfer ("EFT").

How many times a year can a company pay a dividend?

The payment of dividends by the company depends on its policy. Furthermore, the determination to pay dividends and the amount thereof depends on, amongst other things, the company's earnings, its financial condition, its funding requirements, etc.

I have not yet received my dividend in respect of Dividend No. 9 (No. 10, 11 or 12). Who should I contact in this regard?

Please use the following channels for your query:
  • Call Centre: 0861 100 948
  • Fax number: 011 688 5225
  • Postal address: Computershare Limited, P O Box 61051,Marshalltown, 2107

Can a shareholder claim interest on an outstanding dividend?

No. Unclaimed dividends are kept in a non-interest bearing account.

Could I buy more shares with my dividend?

It is not possible for you to instruct either Telkom or Computershare to use your dividend to buy more shares in Telkom. You may, however, use your dividend once it is paid to you to buy more shares in Telkom. For more information please contact your stockbroker or the Telkom hare dealing service on 0861 100 949.

Will the payment of dividends affect my shareholding?

No. Dividends are that part of a company's profits that the company decides to pay to its shareholders and the payment thereof will not in any way affect your shareholding in the company.

Will I still receive a dividend if I sell my shares after the dividend ' has been declared but before it is paid?

If you sell your shares after five trading days preceding the last "day to trade", you will not be entitled to the dividend. This is because the JSE Securities Exchange South Africa follows a rolling five-day settlement. This means a trade is settled five business days after it was entered into.

What is the meaning of the "Record date"?

It is the date at which those shareholders whose names appear on the register will be entitled to the dividend that has been declared.

What is the meaning of "Last Day to Trade"?

This is the last day on which investors may buy shares in order to qualify for the dividend that has been declared but not yet paid.

What is the meaning of "Payment date"?

This is the date on which the dividend is paid to those shareholders whose names appear on the company's register at the close of business on the record date.

Share Dealing

Can I still buy more Telkom shares?

You can still buy more Telkom shares through the Telkom Share Dealing Desk on 0861 100 949 or through a stockbroker. You will, however, not be able to buy these shares at the listing price of R28 per share but at the prevailing share price on the JSE at the time of purchase.

How do I buy or sell Telkom shares?

You can buy or sell Telkom shares through the Telkom Share Dealing Service (0861 100 949). Alternatively, you can contact a stockbroker to buy or sell Telkom shares on your behalf. Please note that if you make use of the Telkom Share Dealing Service to sell your shares and you hold less than 20 shares, you will have to sell all the shares. However, if you hold 20 or more shares you may sell a minimum of 10 shares. To remain a shareholder, you will have to keep a minimum of 10 shares.

Who are the Telkom recommended brokers?

Telkom does not have a list of recommended brokers, however, if you decide to use the services of a stockbroker to buy or sell Telkom shares, you are advised to use a reputable stockbroker.

Can I come to your offices and sell my shares?

No. You may only deal in your shares through the Telkom low-cost dealing service or use the postal dealing form that was provided with the Welcome Pack. Alternatively, you can instruct a stockbroker to buy or sell Telkom shares on your behalf.

I am unable to buy or sell Telkom shares telephonically as I have misplaced my PIN number. Is it possible to get a new PIN number?

Please contact Computershare with your shareholder reference number and identity number.

Once I have sold my shares, how long does it take for the proceeds to be paid out?

It takes approximately 8 days after Computershare have received your order for your proceeds to be paid out.

What costs are deducted from the proceeds of the sale of my Telkom shares?

The costs are as follows: The following fees are charged: a basic admin charge of R60 for postal and fax instructions and R100 for telephonic instructions, a brokerage fee of 0,25% of the transaction value, a STRATE fee of 0,0053% of the transaction value. All the above fees are subject to VAT at 14%. Buyers are subjected to an additional Uncertificated Securities Tax of 0,25% of the transaction value.

I see that the Telkom shares are doing well on the Stock Exchange. Would you recommend that I keep my Telkom shares for a little longer or sell them now?

We are, unfortunately, not qualified to give investment advice to our shareholders. We suggest that you contact a qualified financial advisor who will help you in this regard.

Can I still buy more shares at R22,40?

No. You can buy more Telkom shares at the prevailing share price on the JSE.


How often will I receive share statements?

Twice a year, unless you deal in your shares, in which case a statement will be produced after each trade.

I have received a statement in the post. What must I do with it?

This statement is proof of your shareholding in Telkom. Please keep the statement safely because, should you wish to sell your shares, you will need to provide details from the statement.

Will I receive my own share certificate?

No. When Telkom listed in March 2003, the shares were automatically dematerialized (the share certificate converted from the physical paper form to electronic form) and no physical share certificates were issued to shareholders. Shareholders were instead sent statements confirming the number of shares they held in the company. However, if you really need a physical share certificate issued to you, you will need to write to Computershare requesting that a share certificate be issued to you. Please note that there is a cost associated with requesting a share certificate. Moreover, after being issued with the share certificate you will no longer be able to use the Company-sponsored nominee share dealing service.

How much will it cost to hold my shares in the Company- sponsored nominee account?

There will be no charge for holding your shares in the Company-sponsored nominee account.

What is the Company-sponsored nominee account?

The Company-sponsored nominee account is a dematerialised way of holding your shares. It is a safer way to own shares. It means that you do not have to keep a share certificate but you will still receive a statement confirming your ownership, all the shareholder information and dividends and you will still be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meetings.

Is there a cost when one transfers from the Computershare Issuer Sponsored Nominee CSDP to another CSDP?

Yes. Computershare charge R61,80 (inclusive of VAT), providing it is in the same name.

What is STRATE?

STRATE is a system of paperless transfer of ordinary shares. Additional information can be obtained on the STRATE website at

The person who applied for the shares is now deceased. How do I get his/her shares transferred into my name?

You need to send the following documents to Computershare to enable them to transfer the shares into your name:
  • Certified copy of letter of executorship/letter of appointment by the local magistrate;
  • Certified copy of the death certificate;
  • Certified copy of executor's identity document;
  • Certified copy of the deceased's identity document.

How do I transfer my shares that were obtained in the General Offer into my wife's name (etc.)?

You must contact Computershare who will dispatch a form to you for completion. Contact them on 0861 100 948.