Want to know a little more?

What is the BMI Product?

Business multisite internet product is uncapped, unlimited prioritized internet product charged for what is used in a calendar month per GB with the main account holder paying for an Internet usage of 20 site accounts on one invoice. Usage is charged at a promo rate of R1.99 and after the 3 months promo, R4 per GB will be the standard price. Only one Telkom Internet number (TIN) is created for each Business Multisite product bought.

What is the customer profile for this product?

All SMB customer segments who need control of their uncapped Internet data and sharing needs from a single Internet account. The Business multisite internet product is aimed at all business customers and especially heavy data users, with no line speed degradation/ throttling when the amount of data downloaded by any user increases.

Where is the Admin site located?

The customer goes to the ISP portal at www.telkomsa.net/, click “log in to the customer portal” and log on using the admin account to be able to add and remove different sites, add/change and remove usage caps as well as setting usage notifications. The admin creates the and site username and password will be sent to the site user who can log in to the ISP portal to change passwords, view usage for the month and change usage notification settings as well.

How does an admin customer use the ISP portal?

The portal allows the admin account to have the following options: • add, change and remove sites, • add, change and remove caps for sites • add, change and remove notifications and reports for sites and admin account. • Password management for admin and site services.