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What is LTE Data Plan *Unlimited All Hours & Off-Peak Hours?

The LTE Data Plan *Unlimited All Hours & Off-Peak Hours service is a wireless broadband service offering *Unlimited data via an LTE Wi-Fi router. In addition to the broadband service, full voice service is also supported via Voice over LTE (VoLTE) using on-net minutes are included. The voice calling out of bundle rate of 89 cents per minute (per -second billing) to all-networks applies.

Which Broadband Technology supports the LTE Data Plan *Unlimited All Hours & Off-Peak Hours service?

The supporting Technology is LTE & LTE-A

Can additional voice minute bundles be purchased?

Yes, standard Telkom Mobile, Telkom Landline/fixed and Any network voice minute bundles can be purchased

How do I make and receive voice calls?

Any standard Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) handset can be plugged into the voice port (RJ-11) in the back of the router to easily make and receive voice calls.