Want to know a little more?

I am a new customer. If I subscribe to one of these SmartVoice products can I get a device from Telkom?

Yes, you may purchase your device of choice via sales agreement (outright, 6,12 or 24 months)

A wireless desktop phone (sales agreement)

An Entry level smartphone (sales agreement)

A suitable router (with a 24-month contract)

How far can I be from my installation address and still be able to make and receive calls on my device?

Up to 300km radius from the installation address, provided:

You are within coverage (footprint)

Battery life of device holds

Seeing that this service will operate almost like a mobile service, will I be assigned a mobile number?

No, your number will be representative of the normal geographical area boundaries. Hence you must provide the physical address for where this service will be used

Can I get 2 devices with separate SIM cards linked to the service?

No, only one device and one SIM per service number is allowed. Also, MultiSIM will not work (allocated resources may not be shared)