Zoho Sprints is an Agile project management software that helps dynamic teams plan, track, iterate, and deliver their fast-paced projects with ease.
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About Sprint
Using Zoho Sprints, you can write user stories for your customer requirements, create and organize your backlog, customize your Scrum board and run sprints, log your timesheets and schedule agile meetings, track real-time agile metrics, iterate your releases, and integrate with all the developer tools you use.

Want to know a little more?

Can I sign up directly with Zoho?

Yes, however Telkom can offer additional offline product support through our Zoho implementation services partner. (Telkom to offer a bundle purchase, Free Data etc.)

Do you offer discount?

No, All Zoho products are offered at a standard fix price.

If I sign up for a trial, will I be able to get a trial extension?

You cannot get a trial extension, when your trial expires, you can subscribe to one of our pricing plans that best suits your business needs.