Mobiz is a mobile first engagement platform that empowers brands to connect with customers on a deeper level through personalized mobile experiences, driving higher engagement, smarter marketing, and operational efficiency.
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About Smart SMS Marketing
Mobiz is a powerful mobile-first engagement platform that helps brands significantly improve customer engagement, marketing and operational communication and collect customer data through the delivery of 1:1 personalised mobile experiences at scale. Mobiz allows businesses to send personalised marketing campaigns over SMS, web or social media with built in data analytics allowing businesses to communicate more effectively and extract maximum value from each customer interaction, helping build brand loyalty. Customer engagement is elevated in a cost-effective, data-free environment, allowing businesses to leverage advanced campaign analytics and access definitive data insight on customers based on interaction and intent to purchase. Engagement data is captured per individual in real time, enriching customer data and building a 360-degree view of the customer for more effective communication.

Want to know a little more?

What do I need to start using Mobiz?

You’ll need access to the internet from a desktop computer or laptop in order to use the code-free campaign builder. You can then use Mobiz campaigns for anything from brand awareness to sales by creating and sending personalised landing pages via SMS to your mobile database.

Are Mobiz links data-cost-free?

Yes! All interactions and engagements with Mobiz landing pages are data-cost-free to your customers. This means more customers are able to engage, improving the value of your marketing.

Are Mobiz links Secure?

Yes! All Mobiz links are SSL secured so your customers will never have to worry about data security.

What options do I have once I have depleted my allocated SMS Bundle?

You have the option to upgrade to a higher SMS package any time during the month. Telkom will soon introduce top up in future.