Telkom Business Smart Secure, shields your business from costly data breaches and cyberattacks with Telkom Business Smart Secure. This prevention-focused cybersecurity solution provides comprehensive protection for servers, networks, laptops and mobile devices.
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Rather than focusing on defense, Smart Secure’s preventative approach keeps your business safe
Protect your online privacy and data from malware, unauthorised collection and propagation.

Smart Secure

Desktop License

About Smart Secure
Elevate your business security with Telkom Business Smart Secure, a robust cybersecurity solution designed to safeguard your most critical information. Our focus on prevention ensures that your endpoint devices, including servers, 
 networks, laptops, and mobile devices, are shielded from cyberattacks and unauthorized access. Smart Secure goes beyond traditional security measures by employing cuttingedge behavioral analysis. This proactive approach anticipates and prevents hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in your enterprise security systems and data structures. Our software not only monitors compliance with global privacy regulations but also acts as a proactive defence, thwarting cyber threats across 
 all endpoints. Ensure the resilience of your business against potential risks with Telkom Business Smart Secure—your comprehensive cybersecurity partner committed to securing your valuable information and maintaining the integrity of your digital infrastructure.

Want to know a little more?

What is Blackfog Smart Secure?

BlackFog is a leading cybersecurity solution that focuses on data privacy, data security and ransomware prevention. BlackFog’s on device data exfiltration technology prevents ransomware, spyware, malware, phishing, unauthorized data collection and profiling and mitigates the risks associated with data breaches and insider threats.

Who can use Blackfog Smart Secure?

All users with laptops, desktops devices and mobile phone with Microsoft, Android and iOS operating systems.

Can I use one Blackfog Smart Secure license on multiple devices?

Yes, each license purchased can be installed on one desktop and one mobile device

Does BlackFog Smart Secure collect any information about me?

NO. BlackFog is very conscious about Privacy and we do not collect information about you. In fact, BlackFog makes you aware of what information other applications are collecting and where all your information is going (whether you have consented or not).