Save up to R90 on Online Only Fibre

All new customers to Openserve Fibre will qualify for the promotion when purchasing one of our Online Exclusive Fibre products.
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Telkom Endless Fibre



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What is Telkom Endless Fibre?

Telkom Endless Fibre are new products that run over Openserve Fibre network and Web Connect areas with Uncapped internet data that has No FUP thresholds and no throttling.

What payment options are available for Telkom Endless Fibre?

12-Month contract (*includes router & installation)

Month-to-month (excludes router & installation)

What is included in the Telkom Endless Fibre packages?

Fibre Access and Uncapped internet.

Does Telkom Endless Fibre include value-added services?

No, value-Added Services are optional. They can be purchased at an additional charge.