Get more LOL’s and less lags when you Switch to Telkom

Has lack of minutes cut short your “you hang up- no YOU hang up” convos? We’ll fix that with Prepaid offers that cater for your every need. Switch to Telkom for streaming, surfing, scrolling and sweet nothings.  


Get a Telkom More SIM to double your recharge and dial *180# for more Prepaid benefits. 


Is your dance party suffering because of all the buffering? 


We’ll fix that with epic prepaid offerings. Enjoy all of the internet or just the part you need with Telkom data bundles ranging from all-network data to TikTok, WhatsApp, social and more. You can even get extra minutes and data when you recharge on a Telkom More or Thola More SIM. 


That’s not all, though. Get funeral cover, and Emergency TopUp when you’re in a bit of a pickle. With Loyalty Funeral Cover, you get a cash payment of R10 000 when you recharge with R100 or more in a month. Not to mention the fun stuff like an up to 3-month subscription to Apple Music. 


Switch to Telkom today. 

Tariff Plans

Thola More

More Data More Calls


Telkom More

600MB @R20 

lte sv

Prepaid LTE

600MB @ R20

Prepaid Bundles

FlexOn 2 Prepaid

2GB @R149


Daily TikTok

600MB @R20 


Weekly TikTok

600MB @ R20


Unlimited Weekly WhatsApp



Unlimited Monthly WhatsApp



Monthly Social Bundles

1GB R40

pink phone


1.2GB @ R99

pink phone


300MB @ R39


All-net Data bundles

1.5GB @ R89

Funeral cover: Opt in by dialling *180# and recharge with R100 or more in a month to qualify for a R10 000 cash payment. 


Emergency TopUp: Borrow data or minutes by dialling *180# to see how much you qualify for. R1 extra charge when you pay back. 


Apple Music: Opt in here.