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In 2012 Telkom SA Limited received the following awards:

Telkom flexes its muscles at MyBroadband conference

Telkom has once again showed its prowess in the South African broadband industry. For the second year running, we have won the Best Fixed Broadband Service Provider for our upgraded 10Mbps service.

Telkom ranked among SA's top 10 best employers

In 2012, for the third year running, Telkom has been ranked among South Africa's top 10 employers in the annual BEST Employer™ campaign of the Corporate Research Foundation (CRF) Institute. This year, the company was ranked seventh overall in the category for medium, large and giant organisations. Attributes for which Telkom was commended included training and development, as well as the development of succession pools.

Tier III design certification awarded to NBSC 2 data centre

In August 2012, the Uptime Institute of New York awarded Tier III design certification to the NBSC 2 data centre of Cybernest, Telkom’s data centre operations. This ranking recognises the data centre’s concurrently maintainable site infrastructure and its 99.982% availability.

Telkom voted into top three most desirable brands to work for

Telkom was voted one of the top three "Most desirable brands to work for" in the 2012 Sunday Times Top Brands survey. The company also made the top 10 in two other categories, namely brands that have done most for the environment and community upliftment.

Virgin Active Sports Industry Award

Telkom's Rural Splash Programme won Gold in the Community Programme category. The programme promotes water safety among rural South Africans. It is one of the Learn to Swim initiatives of Swimming South Africa, which Telkom has supported for many years.

Public Sector Excellence Award

Telkom received a Gold Award from for community engagement.
The Company also received two silver awards, one for leadership and the other for excellence in the communications sector.


In 2011 Telkom SA Limited received the following awards:

Frost & Sullivan African Excellence Awards

For its innovative use of green technology, Telkom’s Cybernest has been named the winner of the 2011 South Africa Green Excellence in Technology Innovation Award in Data Centre Market.

"Through their commitment to innovation and the environment, Cybernest has managed to deliver a data centre facility that is on par with the top 10% energy-efficient data centres in the world," says the Frost & Sullivan assessment. "In addition, the company has managed to not only leapfrog its competitors ... but also pass cost savings to their customers while reducing their carbon footprint."

The Green Excellence Award was presented to Cybernest after it earned the highest scores for technology, business commitment and environmental accountability.

The judges praised Cybernest for saving 4.7 kWh of power per year, which is the highest energy saving in the data centre market.

ITNewsAfrica: Top 10 African Women in ICT

In honour of women's day in South Africa, ITNewsAfrica is profiling 10 leading women who have made significant contributions to Africa’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector and occupy high profile positions in this fast paced, and sometimes cut throat industry.

The ICT industry provides endless opportunities for Africans to advance their careers and although it is still largely male-dominated, the following women have made great strides in changing the face of the industry on the continent.

The global community is moving towards the digital age and what better way to celebrate Africa’s Innovation than to laude the achievements of the rising, smart and assertive African women in the technology sector.

Nombulelo Moholi was voted in the Top 10 of most powerful women in the sector.

2011 Financial Mail Top Empowered companies’ survey (2011)

Telkom also featured in the 2011 Financial Mail Top Empowered companies’ survey. Overall, the company was ranked 54 out of 100, and came in seventh out of 10 among ICT participants.

Telkom is striving hard to reach its destination in terms of the transformation journey. It will continue to engage all stakeholders to constantly address transformation issues across all seven elements of the BBBEE scorecard.

2011 Best Employer Accreditation

The Corporate Research Foundation (CRF) annually runs the BEST Employers™ SA campaign. Selection is driven by a methodology that involves researching and identifying the best companies to work for based on a number of factors: the employment framework offered to employees i.e. pay and benefits, working conditions, career development, training and development as well as the overall employment experience from a corporate culture perspective.

In 2011 Telkom was awarded prestigious “Best Employer” accreditation, and was ranked 4th in the “large size employer” category. Last year Telkom was ranked 9th.

Black Management Forum’s Progressive Company of the Year Award

In January 2011, the National Empowerment Rating Agency certified Telkom as a level 4 contributor to BBBEE, with value added supplier status, which allows customers and partners to recognise 110% of their procurement spend for BBBEE with Telkom.

The achievement was to mark the progression of the company’s 2007 BBBEE scorecard rating as a level 6 contributor status.

Expand Networks and Telkom Win Prestigious Global Telecoms Innovation Award for Wide Area Network Project.

Expand Networks, the leader in optimizing WANs for branch office consolidation and virtualisation, together with Africa's largest Telco provider, Telkom SA , have been jointly honoured at the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards, winning the prestigious prize for Wide Area Network Optimisation.

Telkom and Expand Networks' winning project successfully deployed a managed WAN optimisation service for retail giant SPAR Group, improving performance levels, reducing latency and easing congestion of satellite links that had composed the efficiency of SPAR’s applications and services.

Level 3 Gold Community Contributor

The Department of Social Development has awarded the Telkom Foundation level 3 community contributor status on the National CSI Registrar's Public Recognition Platform.

The Telkom Foundation's contributor status reflects good corporate governance


In 2009 Telkom SA Limited received the following awards:

IR Global Rankings

Top Five Best Investor Relations websites

in Africa by Technical Criteria 2009 edition

Top Five Best Disclosure Procedure

in the telecommunications industry and 5th place overall in the world by Technical Criteria 2009 Edition


In 2008 Telkom SA Limited received the following awards:

Best Employer Accreditation




Best Employer Accreditation

Telkom participated in the 2008 Best Employer Survey conducted by the Corporate Research Foundation. Following the completion of a research questionnaire Telkom was awarded the prestigious Best Employers™ accreditation.


The objective of the survey is to benchmark Telkom's HR practises and performance against South African Employers.

  • Our company's employer profile will be published in the 2008/09 edition of the book based on this prestigious achievement.
  • Our company will be positively profiled as a leading company to work for in this Best Employers™ 2008 annual supplement.
  • The publication will be distributed at Career Expo's countrywide telling South Africans, especially top talent, why our rating is so deserved.
  • Telkom also received a HR Benchmark report to enable HR to benchmark our HR practices, processes and policies against industry related and top SA companies.

The official accreditation may be used on Telkom job advertisements and Telkom's official website.

IR Global Rankings

Top Five Best Investor Relations

in Asia, Pacific & Africa by Technical
Criteria 2008 Edition,

Best Online Annual Report

in Asia, Pacific & Africa and within the Telecommunications Industry by Technical
Criteria 2008 Edition

Top Five Best Disclosure Procedure

in Asia, Pacific & Africa and within the Telecommunications Industry by Technical Criteria 2008 Edition,

The IR Global Rankings ("IRGR") is the most comprehensive ranking system for IR websites, corporate governance practices and financial disclosure procedures. Based on extensive proprietary research of companies and investors, supported by the input of independent audit, corporate governance, and legal experts, MZ Consult's ( methodology is highly detailed, transparent, and completely accessible to all participants (please access the 2008 "Information Package). The IR Global Rankings, sponsored by KPMG, Arnold & Porter, The Bank of New York Mellon, Bloomberg and PR Newswire, is a unique external review of any company's communication process with analysts and investors worldwide.

Business Day / Business and Arts Sponsorship Awards (BASA)

Telkom won it's their first BASA Award in the category "International Sponsorship: For a company bringing an international arts project to South Africa." Telkom's first partnership with a theatre company brought a major South African story "The Lion King" home, demonstrating its engagement with South Africans' across all communities.

The Business Day / Business and Arts Sponsorship Awards (BASA) recognize businesses that make the most effective and innovative use of arts sponsorships. Last night, at the 2007 BASA Award ceremony, Telkom won it's their first BASA Award in the category "International Sponsorship: For a company bringing an international arts project to South Africa." Telkom's first partnership with a theatre company brought a major South African story "The Lion King" home, demonstrating its engagement with South Africans' across all communities.

The Lion King Production changed the face of local theatre and has attracted bigger audiences than any production previously staged in South Africa. The show succeeded in crossing age, race and cultural divides. South African's from all walks of life flocked to see it, embodying the spirit of the Rainbow Nation. Yet another barrier through which the Lion King has broken is the poverty line. The show was not only accessible to theatre-goers who could afford to pay the tickets. It also reached 38 000 disadvantages children, few of whom had ever set foot in a theatre before.

Financial Mail

Telkom SA Limited takes the lead in the procurement ranking in the 2008 Top Empowerment Companies (TEC) by survey of 2008 by Financial Mail

In all this Top Empowerment Companies becomes a voice of reason. Numbers do not lie. At least not to the extent reflected in emotionally charged debates on empowerment. A joint project between the FM and BEE rating agency Empowerdex, TEC is compiled by applying the broad-based BEE scorecard on companies listed on the main board of the JSE. Then a TEC list is produced in this publication. The data, collected and collated by Empowerdex, is complemented by in-depth editorial coverage provided by FM journalists. What emerges is a mix of quantitative and qualitative analysis of BEE trends within a given year.

The bulk of TEC data is based on information voluntarily supplied by listed enterprises. Where enterprises did not respond to our call for data, TEC relies on publicly available sources of information such as annual reports.

GBC Award

Telkom has been honoured by the Global Business Coalition (GBC) as a recipient of the GBC Award for Business Excellence on HIV/AIDS in Workplace Testing and Counselling. (Thuso Program)

Founded in 2001, the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, has spent the past six years developing a rapidly expanding alliance of over 220 international companies dedicated to combating the AIDS epidemic through the business sector's unique skills and expertise. With headquarters in New York, GBC maintains regional offices in Beijing, Geneva, Johannesburg, Nairobi, and Paris; harnessing the individual and collective power of the world's top corporations to fight AIDS at the local, national, and international levels.

The Awards for Business Excellence showcases the approaches and execution that have produced on-the-ground impact by saving lives and enhancing the health and well-being of communities around the world.

American Society for Training and Development

Telkom SA Limited Centre for Learning was awarded the BEST award by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), an organization representing more than 70 000 professionals in workplace performance in more than 100 countries

What makes this award even more prestigious is the fact that Telkom South Africa is the only South African company recognised for our efforts and achievement on enterprise-wide learning. 103 International companies participated in this competition and Telkom, through the Centre for Learning, was recognised as one of the top 42 companies to excel in enterprise-wide learning.

Other international companies recognised include Microsoft (USA), American Express (USA), Deloitte & Touche (USA), Saskatchewan Telecommunications (Canada), Tata Consultancy Services (India) to name but a few.