Telkom Fusion

Telkom Endless Fibre 40/40 Mbps +  FlexOn 2


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What are Telkom Fusion bundles?

Telkom Fusion bundles are a new suite of products, combining FTTH and mobile into a single converged offering. The bundles include FTTH access, uncapped internet with no FUP Thresholds and No throttling, up to 2 mobile TopUp SIMs with data (Anytime data), voice minutes (All-network voice minutes and Telkom to Telkom minutes) and SMSs.

What contract term options are available for Telkom Fusion bundles?

12-Month contract (includes router & installation) for the bundles

What are the benefits of purchasing Telkom Fusion bundle?

Value for money as the bundles are discounted to a price point that is less expensive than taking the services separately. Telkom Fusion bundles offer the best of both worlds i.e., Fixed internet Access, Mobile data, voice minutes and SMSs all on one account. Customers get unrestricted fixed internet access for streaming, gaming, work, music and more.