Unlimited Calling

Hero plan 1 (Fibre)-Hero plan 3 (Fibre)


Get a Takealot voucher when you buy any Black Friday fibre deal

The first 1000 customers will receive a Takealot voucher worth R600.

T’s and C’s apply

Want to know a little more?

Who can apply for the Unlimited Calling Hero plans?

The Unlimited Calling Hero plans will only be offered to new to franchise customers (NTF) and existing customers who require additional line services.

What happens to customers who have subscribed to the offers after the 6-month campaign period is over?

Existing customers on the offers will not be affected and will remain on the offers even after the promotional period. This will be the case until any further notice.

Do you need a broadband connection for the Unlimited Calling Hero plans on IP Voice?

A broadband connection (LTE, DSL, Fibre) is required for the Unlimited Calling Hero plans on IP Voice, and this will be paid for separately. About 40kbps is required per voice session. Existing rules for IP Voice apply.

Will Fair Usage Policy (FUP) apply to the Unlimited Calling Hero plans?

The Calling Plans are completely Unlimited - No Fair Usage Policy will apply. However, the Unlimited Calling Hero plans and associated benefits may only be used for business use and cannot be used for any other purpose. This offer shall not be used for purposes of least cost routing, Internet cafés, international bypasses, payphones or call centres. Telkom Business reserves the right to immediately cancel the Unlimited Calling Hero plan service in the event of abuse/suspected abuse. In this instance termination fees shall then apply.