huawei e5576 325 mifi macbook air 13 inch 256gb slide
huawei e5576 325 mifi macbook air 13 inch 256gb slidehuawei e5576 325 mifi macbook air 13 inch 256gb e5576
Apple M1 chip
Apple M1 chip
13.3" IPS
13.3" IPS
2560 x 1600
2560 x 1600

Combo details

  • ProcessorApple M1 chip
  • Screen13.3" IPS
  • Resolution2560 x 1600
  • OSMacOS Ventura
  • Memory8GB
  • Storage256GB SSD
  • Huawei E5576 325 MiFi RouterIncluded

Apple MacBook Air 13 inch Combo

40GB - 80GB LTE


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LTE stand for Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a new high-speed wireless data standard with higher capacity. That means enhanced gaming, video and music streaming and app downloads. LTE is the latest generation of mobile network and is a step up from 3G.

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Should a subscriber use his SmartBroadband Wireless service for mobility purposes, Telkom shall not be liable for lack of LTE network coverage, reliability or throughput outside its fixed LTE coverage areas.