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04 September 2014

Telkom Business Single Number

Telkom launches an innovative solution which ensures business clients are always reachable and never miss that all important call.
Telkom Business today announced the introduction of Single Number, a new service that links a landline telephone number to multiple phones, including landline and mobile. This service will enable Telkom Business customers to answer calls anywhere and from any phone.
Being able to access calls from anywhere will help businesses increase their productivity and maximise opportunities. For instance, Single Number enables small businesses that need to be in the field remain available to their current and prospective clients, never missing the chance to service a customer or answer a call for new business. Single Number’s simultaneous ringing option enables all connected phones to ring at the same time, allowing the business to answer wherever is most convenient at any given moment.
According to Johann Henning, Managing Director of Telkom Business, Single Number is an illustration of the company’s continued commitment to providing solutions to business customers that will ensure that they run successful, efficient and profitable operations. “We recognise that a lot of business happens on the move. It is, therefore, imperative that decision makers and representatives of the company are always reachable. This solution will allow all employees in an organisation to remain efficient and productive no matter where they are operating,” said Henning.
Single Number allows calls to reach a business even if the landline goes down as a result of cable theft or weather. Furthermore, the solution can be easily scaled as Telkom customers can add and remove phones at an instant from a self-service portal.
Customers will be charged a once-off activation fee of R30 and a monthly subscription that starts at R99. Calling Single Number will result in normal call charges to a landline for the caller, irrespective if the call is answered on a mobile phone, ensuring that the caller has peace of mind and is charged minimally. 
Calls to Single Number that are answered by a business on any linked phone within the Telkom network (mobile or landline) are included. Single Number also links other network operators’ mobiles, and calls answered on these phones will result in charges at standard rates. 
“This service will ensure that no business opportunity is missed because of a call not answered. So whether employees are in the office or out and about trying to complete the next big deal, they will never miss out on a business opportunity again,” said Henning.

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