Recruiting Fraud Alert: We are aware that the MCNJOBS site has a number of Telkom jobs advertised currently. Please note that these are fake vacancies. We have attempted to make contact with the host master responsible for the site to ask them to remove these adverts, however we have thus far not had any response from them. All the positions that we advertise on external sites will always be simultaneously posted on our company’s career portal so prospective applicants should always check our website for vacancies first.

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As the leading communications services provider in South Africa, Telkom’s network is the backbone that connects most South African’s daily.

From banking to broadcasting systems we are the brand that has met the connectivity needs of South Africa for the past two decades. But, at the heart of Telkom, lies our passionate and dedicated employees! If you are looking for a company to take your career to unlimited heights with a drive to succeed, eager to learn and want to be a part of the Telkom Journey, then you’ve come to right place.

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The team is personally committed towards the success of Telkom in becoming a world-class ICT provider.

From our dedicated Sales force to our world-class engineers and professionals, each individual takes full responsibility and accountability for their own performance and development plans.

Career Areas

From Sales to Engineering to Marketing, we have career areas that are sure to peak your interest.

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