SmartAccess provides a single number solution, enabling your business to be reached by dialing one telephone number, irrespective of the number or geographical locations of your business sites.
SmartAccess features a number of service options which make your business more accessible to your customers, enabling you to take advantage of new marketing opportunities.

FreeCall 080

Worldwide the FreeCall 080 service has been proven as the ideal way to attract new business. Any call made to a FreeCall 080 number is free of charge to the caller; regardless of its location in the country or where it is answered (this excludes calls from cellular phones and other operators). With FreeCall 080, you not only give your customers an added incentive to pick up the phone and call your number, but also show them that you really care by giving them free access to your service.
Note:If the FreeCall number is linked to another service provider, the SmartAccess rate to that provider will apply. (Ported numbers included)

ShareCall 0860

Callers pay the single on-net rate for Local and LD to the ShareCall 0860 number. The- Telkom on-net rate is 47c per minute during Standard Time and 23c during Callmore Time, with a minimum charge of 63c per call
For calls made beyond the local call radius of 50km+ , the caller still pays the Telkom single on-net rate for Local and LD rate, while the called party will be liable for the ShareCall 0860 long-distance rate less the minimum charge, which is 63c, to a minimum of 0 cents per call
Note: If the ShareCall number is linked to another service provider, the SmartAccess call rate to the service provider will apply, inclusive of the minimum charge. (Ported numbers included) (see below for rates)

MaxiCall 0861

Under this option callers are liable for the full cost of the call, when the MaxiCall number is linked to a Telkom land line. Calls to MaxiCall 0861 numbers will be charged at a flat rate, with a minimum charge of 63c per call. The standard call rate for national calls extending beyond 50km applies i.e. 46c per minute during Standard Time and 23c per minute during Callmore Time.
Note: If the MaxiCall number is linked to another service provider, the SmartAccess call rate to the service provider will apply. (Ported numbers included) (see below for rates)

SmartAccess linked to other service providers

You may now link your SmartAccess FreeCall, ShareCall, MaxiCall number to other service providers. Only specific service providers are currently available.


We know that each business has unique, yet varying needs. Because of these different needs the SmartAccess service offers our customers feature options that can be customised to best suit your individual business requirements.

SmartAccess Golden number

Allows customers to choose a number consisting of 10 digits with either a 080, 0860 or 0861 prefix. Customers can choose to create a word, descriptor or a name out of the remaining digits – allowing you to “own” the business category in which you operate. i.e. as a plumber, attorney or IT Specialist. E.g. 08000 SMART – This is the golden number used by Telkom to access SmartAccess. If you do not want to choose your own golden number, a number will be computer generated for you.
Each SmartAccess golden number is available as either an alphanumeric or a number sequence is a unique, easy to remember contact point for customers. This helps create a brand out of your business name, and top of mind spontaneous awareness.
NB: Golden numbers are subject to availability


Is a standard feature that allows you to route incoming calls to different destinations according to the province the call originated from (excluding calls from cellular telephones). By implementing this feature the calls can be routed to the nearest branch - resulting in call cost savings. For example calls received from Gauteng can be routed to the Johannesburg office, while calls originating from Kwa-Zulu Natal can be routed to the Durban office.


TimeCall allows you to distribute your calls to different destinations depending on the time of day and/or the day of the week. This service is suitable for businesses that operate between Mondays and Fridays from 08:00 to 17:00 when calls can be directed to a specific number during this period. However, during weekends and after-hours the calls can be re-directed to another destination.


DateCall enables you to distribute your calls to a different destination of your choice on specific days of the year, for example Public Holidays such as Christmas and New Year's Day.


DivertCall allows you to divert calls to an alternate answering point when you are unable to take the call or if the line is busy. This means that every call will get a second attempt to be answered if the intended destination is busy, or if there is no reply from the number dialled.

Optional Service Features

CustomAreaCall (magisterial districts and exchange level)

Enables you to route your incoming calls to different destinations based on the magisterial district or exchange where the calls originated. This feature is particularly suitable if you have multiple business sites within the same geographical area. Calls can be routed to the nearest site/branch thereby ensuring savings on call costs.
Since the SmartAccess service is designed to be flexible, while offering a multitude of features, you can have your SmartAccess service configured to meet your unique business requirements. Should you wish to configure a customised SmartAccess service, the following information is required:

Areas served by each branch or site

You will be required to state the specific areas from where calls can be made to your SmartAccess service. It could include the following:

National - Calls routed on a National basis.

Provincial - Calls are routed according to the Province where the call originated:



Northern Province;

North West;

Free State;

Northern Cape;

Western Cape;

Eastern Cape;

Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Magisterial Districts and Exchanges

This routing option is recommended only if the other routing options are inadequate. This feature would be used if, for example, a customer has multiple branches in a certain geographical area to which calls are made.

Cellular Calls

Calls from cellular networks cannot be associated with the exact location of the mobile caller. These calls are routed based on where it enters Telkom's network.
Telkom's Primary levels are:

Gauteng Central Region: 011; 016; 017; 018;

North Eastern Region: 012; 013; 014; 015;

Western Region: 02;

Eastern Region: 03;

Southern Region: 04;

Central Region: 05.

(The codes displayed next to the regions refer to the dial codes.)

Please note that Telkom has no control over the routing philosophy of the mobile operators and can simply route calls based on where it enters the Telkom network.
With FreeCall 080 and ShareCall 0860, subscribers are charged the SmartAccess long-distance call rates for cellular calls they receive on the SmartAccess numbers (refer to the cost page for more details on call rates).
To save on call costs the LimitCall feature can be used to block cellular calls. In this case the mobile caller can be advised, through an announcement, to dial from a landline.


This feature enables you to split your incoming traffic between different locations by distributing pre-determined percentages of your calls amongst the various destinations. For example 40% of calls received can be routed to one branch and 60% to another.


The LimitCall feature makes it possible for you to control access to your service by allowing calls from certain areas only, or from specific numbers only, to reach you.


ItemisedCall provides you with itemised call information on your FreeCall 080 and ShareCall 0860 calls (excluding local calls).


SmartAccess also provides standard announcements. For more information and activation of announcements contact the SmartAccess Service Activation Centre on 08000 SMART (76278).

Choice of Standard Announcements:

    "This service is only available during office hours. Please call again later".

    "The subscriber you have dialled cannot be reached through this number from the area you are calling from".

    "The number you have dialled is not accessible from a cellular phone, please use a Telkom landline. Thank you".

    “This number has been changed , in future please dial 08……”


This feature is ideal for closed user groups. This feature allows the SmartAccess customer to specify which numbers (landline and cellular) are allowed to access their SmartAccess service. It ensures that no "unwanted" calls are received.

The Admin Feature is now available ONLINE

Admin Online
Our New admin Tool now enables you to view and manage your service online.
All new and existing applications for the Admin facility will now include both the telephonic and online admin options.
All we need is a valid and working Email Address
Kindly call or email us now to activate and get your login credentials
View Admin Online Help Guide

Admin Facility

Enables you to manage certain SmartAccess features remotely from any phone. You will have access to the following features: Re-routing on Busy, Re-routing on No-reply, Follow-me and the Caller PIN. If your phone service is down or busy at one of your sites, this will not have a negative effect on your business operations or customer relations since the call can be seamlessly re-routed to another landline. The Admin Feature is particularly useful in the case of a disaster situation - it's your business' built-in protection.
To configure these non-geographic numbers into the Admin feature please contact the SmartAccess Service Activation Centre on 08000 SMART (76278)
View detailed Admin feature Guide

Caller PIN

Makes it possible to restrict your FreeCall 080 service by means of PIN (the service is only available to FreeCall 080 customers).

Call Reports

SmartAccess Call Reports will provide you additional information on the calls that you receive on your SmartAccess number. Two reports are available i.e.

View SmartAccess Call Detail report
View SmartAccess Call Management report


SmartAccess Call Detail Report

The SmartAccess Call Detail report contains call details of the successful ShareCall 0860 (local calls) and MaxiCall 0861 phone calls you have received. Since you are not being charged for these calls they do not appear on your SmartAccess invoice but on the invoice of the caller.
So how can you determine the impact of your advertising- It's easy; the SmartAccess Call Detail report will enable you to pinpoint customer response and geographical activity.

SmartAccess Call Management Report

For a complete and comprehensive report on your SmartAccess number and its performance, the Call Management report is all the information that you need.
The report contains summarized call information on all calls made to your SmartAccess number. Typical information that will be contained in these reports is:

    The number of successful versus unsuccessful calls. If you have multiple offices it will be offered per business site;

    Number of successful and unsuccessful calls offered to the SmartAccess number per originating province;

    Number of successful and unsuccessful calls offered to the SmartAccess number per Telkom time slot;

    Call traffic analysis per day of the month;

    Call traffic analysis per hour of the day.

The information obtained from the reports can be used for strategic decision making regarding resource utilization, it can also assist with determining productivity and profitability ratios.
For your convenience these reports will be available on the Telkom Ease-e-Bill website. Once you have ordered them via the IN Service Activation Centre at 08000 SMART (76278) and you have registered as an Ease-e-Bill user you will be able to access these.

You can register on-line as an Ease-e-Bill user at View Ease-e-Bill
NB. Please note that the monthly adhoc report is only available via an excel spreadsheet.

SmartAccess Auto Attendant

The Auto Attendant, hosted in the Telkom network, enables small to large businesses to distribute calls according to their unique requirements, without having to purchase additional expensive equipment.
The SmartAccess Auto Attendant features a multi-level menu driven service, which enables you to have your SmartAccess calls routed to multiple telephone numbers based on the input of the caller. When the caller dials your SmartAccess number the Auto Attendant will answer the call and offer the caller options to select from. The caller will be routed to the intended destination efficiently and accurately.


    No need for expensive call centre equipment;

    allers are routed to the intended destination the first time, without the need to transfer of forward the call to an alternative number.

Auto Attendant Templates 

View Configuration Template
View Numbering Sheet

Auto Attendant Configuration 

View Example: One level Configuration
View Example: Two level Configuration
View Example: Three level Configuration
View Example: Three level Numbering

Refer to the Auto Attendant User Guide for more information.

View Auto Attendant User Guide