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Telkom Retail Tariff List

Knowing how much you will have to pay for a service or product is crucial to all consumers.

  View Telkom Tariffs 1 April 2017

Information about different Number Ranges

Information about different number ranges and the impact it will have on the customer.


International destinations country and area codes

If you are dialing an international number and you are unsure under which international destination it falls, please click on the below link.

  International destinations country and area codes

International mobile calling rates:

  International call charges from Telkom Mobile

Dialing Codes

SA Dialing Codes

International Dialing Codes

International Call Rates

Due to fluctuating exchange rates, Telkom International rates may accordingly change from time to time. The onus therefore lies with the Customer to regularly consult the website for the latest rates.

There is an announcement for calls made to certain international destinations, informing the caller that the call rate has changed to that particular destination.  If you have heard this announcement and do not wish to hear it every time you make a call to the same destination, please press #, once the message starts playing. You can then proceed with your call.

         International Roaming Rates

  International Rates Fixed and Mobile Rate 01 Nov 2017

  International Rates Special and Premium Rate 01 Nov 2017

Tariff / Telematics Calculator

Tariff Calculator

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