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Sourcing Process

  1. Telkom's Procurement process is subject to our Policies and Code of Conduct.
  2.      Telkom Supplier Code of Conduct

         Low Risk OHS policy

         High Risk OHS policy

  1. Our internal service organisations identify the need.

  2. The SMEET (Subject Matter Expert Evaluation Team) will compile the specification/scope of work covering the business requirement.

  3. The necessary internal approval will be obtained before going out to market with a set of required documentations.

  4. A closed and electronic invitation will be sent to a list of suppliers for the opportunity to participate and provide proposals. Open tenders will be advertised on the Telkom Tender Bulletin Board online.

  5. All responses are subject to the applicable, Standard Terms & Conditions, as provided in the bid documentation as well as Telkom’s.

  1. Once the successful supplier(s) has been identified, the SMEET (Subject Matter Expert Evaluation Team) will obtain the necessary internal approval prior to awarding and appointing successful supplier. The successful supplier will then be registered as a Telkom Trade Vendor (if not already registered) and a vendor code will be allocated.

  2. Contracts will be signed between Telkom and the successful supplier and an official Telkom order will be transmitted to the supplier.

  3. On receipt of the official purchase order from Telkom, the supplier must return Order Acknowledgement Form to confirm acceptance and correctness of the order. Only at this time, can the supplier commence with the delivery of Telkom's requirements.

  4. Upon fulfilment of the order, the supplier must obtain a signed delivery note/service entry sheet as evidence that Telkom received the correct items or that the services was rendered according to Telkom's purchase order.

  5. The supplier may now invoice Telkom (Telkom’s Standard Payment Terms is included in the applicable Telkom Standard Terms & Conditions, as provided in the Bid documentation).

Request for Quotations (RFQ) or Spot Buy

This is normally used in the case of a once-off purchase where the product or service is not be available from an existing product/services agreement.

For comparison purposes, Telkom reserves the right to invite multiple suppliers to provide quotations for this requirement. Any business awarded through the RFQ process must be considered as a once off "invitation to do business". Telkom's Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

Electronic Tender (e-RFx) process

Telkom requires potential and/or existing suppliers to use the e-sourcing platform. Paper responses will not be accepted.

Suppliers will only be able to access tender information only if they are registered:

Once you are registered and have valid username and password, you may be able to access tender documents:

All tenders will be available for response for a predetermined period only. This period is dependent on the complexity of the tender and scope of work required by prospective bidders. No responses will be accepted after the closing date.

Restricted or Closed Tenders

These tenders may contain sensitive Telkom information and will not be published in Telkom's weekly Tender Bulletin.

All suppliers that receive an invitation to participate in tenders must ensure that they are registered or must register online:

Electronic Tender (e-RFx) process for Open Tenders

All are invited. These tenders are published in Telkom's Tender Bulletin on this website and there is no restriction on who may tender.

Telkom will advertise all open tenders on Telkom Tender Bulletin:

Code of Business Conduct

One of Telkom's keys to ongoing success is to build a high-performance, values-driven culture. Telkom is committed to conduct its business in an ethical manner based on its core values and acceptable principles.

Supplier Selection

Selection of suppliers follows a closed tender or bid process, allowing appropriate suppliers to compete according to a model that is fair, equitable and consistent.

Conflict of Interest

Telkom employees may not have an interest with any supplier. This includes the supply of non-public information, assistance with planning and designing of products or active involvement in marketing and selling.

Gifts and Invitations

Seasonal, congratulatory or promotional gifts may only be offered to Telkom employees on strictly appropriate occasions, and when there is no reason to doubt the bona fides of the donor or recipient. Invitations to meals, sporting events, the theatre, cocktail parties and other forms of hospitality may not be offered with a view to influencing business decisions.

As a matter of policy, Procurement Services employees are not permitted to accept any such invitations or gifts.


An offer of commission, internal or any form of gratuity, for any reason whatsoever, is totally unacceptable and will lead to serious disciplinary action.

Bribes and Irregular Offers

Telkom's policy on bribery and irregular offers which serves as a precondition to accepting a contract, is summarised as follows:

Should a bidder or contractor, in the opinion of Telkom, acted fraudulently, illegally, in bad faith or in any improper manner, with regard to a contract or tender, then Telkom may, in its sole discretion:

  • Ignore any tenders without advising the bidder thereof
  • Cancel the contract without prejudice to any legal rights Telkom may have

Telkom is committed to the highest standards of integrity and any employee transgressing the principles embodied in the Employee Code of Conduct will be treated in accordance with the company's Disciplinary Code. Should any supplier disregard these guidelines or conduct affairs in a way that transgresses Telkom's Code of Business Conduct, this could seriously impair future business relations between Telkom and such suppliers.