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Procurement Policy

Extract from the Procurement Policy:

It is Telkom's policy to source and procure technically suitable products, systems and services of a high quality standard, at the best overall value. This is done in order to award business on the basis of merit and on those criteria and conditions as set out by Telkom. It is also Telkom’s policy to make procurement processes readily available to all suppliers.

    The following guidelines also apply:
  • No verbal or written commitments (i.e. letters of intent, memorandums of understanding, interim supply agreements, formal supply agreement or contracts) may be made to any supplier unless the Procurement Services and procedures are adhered to
  • No sense of expectation should be created from Telkom towards any supplier for business opportunities of any sort
  • All Tenders, including quotes (RFQ's), RFP's and RFB's must be issued through the Procurement Services
  • Only items, products, services and systems that have been accepted and approved following RFx process shall be procured thereafter
  • All negotiations that have a direct and/or indirect impact on commercial matters should always include Procurement Services
  • Field trials and Proof-of-Concepts to involve Procurement Services
  • Financial analysis of bids and quotes to include Procurement Services.
  • All purchase orders will be processed and amended (date, price, quantity) as and when they arise, by Procurement Services
  • Interfacing with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will be conducted via Regulatory Affairs and Procurement Services
  • Forecasting information required by suppliers will be provided solely by Procurement Services
  • Supplier interface on supplier performance issues will be conducted by Procurement Services
  • All foreign exchange forward cover on contracts or orders, must be arranged and co-ordinated through Procurement Services