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18 October 2018

Telkom begins implementing ICASA’s End-User Subscriber Service Charter.

Telkom is implementing the suspended End-User Subscriber Service Charter (EUSSC), starting with the introduction of revised usage depletion notifications as well as changing the default out-of-bundle billing on all its tariffs from Saturday, 20 October 2018.

According to Andrew Dawson, Telkom Executive for Mobile Products, this is Telkom’s first phase of the implementation of the End-User Subscriber Service Charter. In this phase, Telkom focused on regulations 8A (1) and 8B (1)(a) and (c) pertaining to usage threshold notifications for voice, SMS and data services as well as Out-of-Bundle data charges.

For regulation 8A (1) and 8B (1)(a) Telkom has revised voice, SMS and data depletion notifications across all mobile products to align with the new EUSSC requirements where messages are sent to customers at the 50%, 80% and 100% thresholds.

“Telkom Mobile subscribers will now receive an SMS indicating the actual amount of voice, sms or data bundle balances remaining at the relevant thresholds,” says Andrew Dawson, Telkom Executive for Mobile Products.

“The revised SMS notifications will apply to all current and legacy voice and data contracts, as well as to ad-hoc voice, SMS and data bundles which customers may have purchased.” he continued.

Telkom currently partially complies to regulation 8B (1)(c) which states that “a licensee must ensure that an end-user is not defaulted onto out-of-bundle data charges upon depletion of data bundles”. To comply fully, Telkom will implement changes to the FreeMe plans where subscribers automatically go Out-of-Bundle once their inclusive data has been depleted.

FreeMe customers will now be redirected to an Out-of-Bundle page once their data has been depleted, where they can select an appropriate option based on their needs. This means that no Telkom mobile customer will automatically go out-of-bundle on any mobile plan in future – thus reducing any bill shock for our customers.

Telkom is currently in preparations for implementation of the second phase of changes which will cover the remaining requirements of the End-User Subscriber Service Charter and expects to have fully implemented the charter, based on their interpretation, by the end of 2018.

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