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Customer Value Proposition

External service promise
Customer First – Our job is to help you create the future you desire. Through simple, intuitive and responsive service, we aim to connect you to your life, your business, your world, and opportunity

Understanding your needs – Only by truly understanding your needs and circumstances can we deliver what you need to thrive. We listen, understand, then act to deliver enabling experiences

We never stop working to get it right – Whether it is our service or our products, we take ownership and strive to get it right for you – in one click, one call, one visit

Internal customer service commitment
We exist to serve the customer – Our job is to enable people with connectivity, empowering them to live more richly. Even if we don’t serve customers directly, we work to enable the person who does. Through simple, intuitive, responsive service, we aim to change their world

Interaction is opportunity – We are always seeking new ways to connect with, share with and discover more about our customers – so that we can deliver the right solutions to make their worlds easier, simpler and better

We are relentless in getting it right - It is our responsibility to provide our customers with fit for purpose solutions and processes that work. We strive for zero defect, zero faults and zero downtime. We never stop working to get it right – in one click, one call, one visit

At Telkom we help to create the futures our customers desire.
We orchestrate enabling experiences through seamless, intuitive solutions and responsive, reliable service.

Employee value proposition

Our employee value proposition is underpinned by our values
Continuous improvement – There is always a better way to do something. And we don’t stop trying to find it

Honesty – It is not only the policy, it’s the only policy. No compromise

Accountability – We take credit when it is due, and blame too. It’s our job to see it through to the end

Respect – We show it to ourselves, to each other, to our customers and to our world

Teamwork – Two heads are better than one and many heads have untold potential

To meet our value commitments we continually strive to improve our engagement with and responsiveness to our people. We invest in their training and development and the development of effective leaders. We also invest in keeping our people safe.

A healthy workforce is an advantage to our business. We aim to provide a workplace free from health and hygiene hazards and to ensure all our employees are members of an effective healthcare programme.

Labour relations
We negotiate in good faith to achieve mutually beneficial wage agreements and together we strive to honour our responsibilities and commitments contained in these agreements. We work together to achieve our objectives.

  • Continuous improvement
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Teamwork