A new way to experience online content

We want to make watching online video content more flexible, fun and easy, that’s why we have launched the Telkom LIT App – it allows you to search and watch online video and on-demand content through one platform, whenever, wherever no matter what network you are on. We want your feedback on whether you enjoy having online content grouped into one platform, making it easier for you to find your next favourite music, movies, shows or videos. Leave your comments in the feedback section of the app.

What's in it for you?

Our first version of the LIT App includes 4 linear channels from StarSat; ST Plus (General Entertainment), ST SA Music (Music), CGTN (News) and ST Sport Arena (Sport). You will also be able to access Showmax, DStv Now, YouTube and many more from within the LIT App. Please note that some of the other videos or content provider might require their own subscription to be applied for.

LIT app is TV in your pocket, with up to 24 hours of archive content (7-days on enhanced channels), freeing you to watch whatever you want, wherever & whenever you want.

How LIT is LIT?

Pause live TV, and pick up without missing a moment.

Choose your streaming speeds to save data or get more watch time.

Record and Keep any show or match you really love.

Download over WiFi and watch offline.

Go back in time 7 days and catch-up on anything instantly.

It always works, whatever SIM is in your phone.

Watch 2 or more channels at the same time, on the same screen.

The coolest new way to enjoy TV, can fit in your pocket.

We think it’s so LIT that we have made the app FREE to download for everyone.

So, what’s on LIT?

We have made LIT open to all channels and all broadcasters, and are just getting started, so this page will be updated as new channels join the club.


Keep up-to-date on breaking news with China Global.

Sports Arena

Even more International Sports coverage with Sports Arena HD.

ST Plus

The best of Bollywood from the Indian sub-continent with Plus.

SA Music

Non-Stop South African Music.







Forest TV


How do I get LIT?

Telkom LIT is available to everyone, no matter what mobile network you might be on, you can download the Telkom LIT app and enjoy live TV and on-demand content wherever, whenever.


How can LIT be even better?

We have designed LIT to be for everyone, but there are two ways it can be even better.


If you are Telkom mobile customer, you can buy LIT bundles which are discounted data bundles to watch Telkom LIT hours at a time. You can also use these bundles to stream content on the DSTV Now app, Youtube, Showmax.


LIT also has a LIT Premium option which allows you to record, rewind, download and pause live TV. This feature will be free to use during the ‘Beta’ period of the App, but might become a paid for service later.

How does LIT work if I am a Telkom customer?

Whether you are a Telkom prepaid or contract customer you can download the new Telkom LIT app and enjoy live TV and on-demand content, but because you are a Telkom subscriber you have some great benefits.

  1. LIT bundles give you hours of Telkom LIT streaming time at discounted data rates.
  2. FreeMe 5GB and above customers which have the Free LIT Video bundle included in their package can stream content on Telkom LIT without using their included data.

How does LIT work if I am not a Telkom customer?

The great news is that you too, can download the Telkom LIT app and enjoy free live TV and on-demand content. Unfortunately, you will not be able to purchase a Telkom LIT bundle so streaming content will use your normal data.

What happens to my LIT Video bundle?

If you have purchased a once-off or recurring LIT Video bundle or you have the LIT Video bundle as part of your FreeMe 5GB and up contract you don’t need to worry as the new Telkom LIT app will use that data and not your standard included data bundle.

Telkom LIT Bundles

See below for the different LIT Video & Music Streaming Data bundle options and prices.

Daily Bundles (24-hour validity)
@ R4
@ R7
@ R13
@ R20
@ R30
@ R50
Weekly Bundles (7 days validity)
@ R15
@ R25
@ R40
@ R70
@ R100
@ R150
Monthly Bundles (31 days validity)
@ R40
@ R60
@ R100
@ R140
@ R200
@ R280
@ R350

* The Telkom LIT Streaming Data bundles can be used to stream both Video & Music from all LIT Content Partners including the Telkom LIT App.

* The 10GB LIT Music bundle - offers data exclusive to streaming music via LIT Music content partners and exclude streaming content from LIT Video partners.